digital chapbook #IOW/01
[aka Pejorative Terms]


poetry is not just a page

more and more my development as a writer is moving away from poems that sit in pages or in anthologies / and with this comes the wish to expand communication away from the traditional and into forms and expression that feels more comfortable / as an extension of my consciousness evolving and expanding

evolutionary progress

perhaps the poetry will be more effective as images and not just words / maybe the words are not supposed to be in a pamphlet and should begin their lives first as living breathing entities / evolution often takes place without a person’s knowledge and leads to seismic alteration in mind and outlook

expanding a remit

before covid there was some initial experimentation with what video was capable of producing / in 2022 seven videos were produced for mental health awareness week / over the summer there were moments from poetry written in different spaces / the poems here are rejected pamphlet submissions

learning a craft

learning how to be an artist is a daily endeavour / however some pieces take longer to craft than others / these poems have already been written but their visual versions are still being identified and uncovered / there will be an attempt to innovate and improve processes and construction with each piece

phase 1


Available 05/10/22


Available 31/10/22


Available 17/10/22


Available 14/11/22

phase 2


Available 28/11/22


Available 02/01/23


Available 12/12/22


Available 16/01/23

also available as a YouTube playlist

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