Simple start.

For my first Playlist, fair to say you’ve been thrown a fair lump of eclectic.

I like to make my compilations in the Nick Hornby style:

“A good compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem. You’ve got to kick off with a killer, to grab the attention. Then you’ve got to take it up a notch, or cool it off a notch…oh, there are a lot of rules.” 

High Fidelity. 

Of course, like me, Hornby grew up in the era of cassette tape, but now you don’t even need a medium to record your sounds, it can all happen ‘out there’ [gestures at Internet] without ever requiring a medium to record on. However, I still find myself being restricted by the limits of such things, even if it’s only in my own head. Here’s an hour of music as a result, which as an exercise in distilling me into sixty minutes is actually surprisingly successful. There’s the token New Romantic nod, an acknowledgement of my heavier early influences (that’s a track from ELO’s ‘Out of the Blue’ album before you ask) plus some tracks that are on fairly heavy rotation on the iPhone. For a first crack at doing this and producing something I’d listen to on a regular basis it’s pretty spot on, and the titles work as a trip from the surface of the planet, down to ground level, to a night out that ends up inevitably focussing on the romantic.

There’s gonna be a lot of that in these playlists. I’d better warn you now. I only write love stories ^^

I’m also quite pleased with the track listings on this one, and I sense that as time goes on I may get quite obsessive about such things. However, I do plan to give people specific soundtracks for the ‘novels’ I’m working on, and they’ll get saved on the relevant Projects Page. For now, if you want to find me on Spotify, I’m alternativegodmother and I look forward to this becoming a weekly occurrence.

Enjoy the music 😀

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  1. I love this! An excellent way to start of my Monday morning at work, and ending the set with Do You Love Me definitely brightened my mood and helped me pick up the pace. A great way to start my week. 🙂 Thank you!

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