Little light, shining…

The best laid plans normally mean my personal life suffers whenever Real Life gets overwhelming. As you will have noticed, I’m now behind on my Playlists. Hell, I’m behind on most things this week, but with Easter coming I have a chance to restore some much-needed balance. I’ve been quite ill by my standards but I refused drugs and I’ve fought the nasties and I am now *officially* on the mend. I’ll be back to the writing next week, of that you can be assured, but today was all about Kate. This image may have provoked Daily Mail outrage, but if you know the 1985 album ‘Hounds of Love’ you’ll instantly connect the relevance. If the upcoming set of concerts has anything at all to do with The Ninth Wave, I’d be happy.

Yeah, of COURSE I’m going.

There was some panic this morning as I tried to use the Fan Site Code I’d got for early access on the Eventim Website until I realised that I needed to click the e-mail link I’d been given. Once that was sorted it was a case of picking a date and hoping that the website didn’t collapse on me. I’ll be there with the SO on September 12th, and thanks to what I assume was an overwhelming takeup on the part of the fans who also got a chance to pre-order, another seven dates have been added to her schedule, meaning she’ll be in residence at what is now the Eventim Apollo [*] from the 26th of August to October 1st. The fact this isn’t a Tour is significant, I think: I’m hoping with her background we might be getting something considerably more theatrical. What she’d perform is also up for a fair deal of discussion, because a lot of her more recent stuff is… well, let’s be honest, a tad self-indulgent. Mind you, that could be said of her entire output with a partisan hat on… but if she’s staying put for that long, you gotta assume there’s gonna be a reason.

I also have to believe the poster we got for this *does* have a significance to the subject matter, and that’s not the angsty teenager in me speaking and wishing Terry Gilliam had actually made the film of the second side of That Album that was promised but never materialised. Remind me to tell you about ‘Brazil’ one day and its peculiar significance to me one day.

There’s lots of stories like that I ought to tell at least once.

[*] It’s the Hammersmith Apollo. Just *don’t* ^^

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