I am only a day late, which considering that yesterday was a Bank Holiday and half the family’s been ill in some form or another since Good Friday isn’t all that bad really. This playlist’s been done for a while too, and I have one more to sort before we attempt to get down to some actual serious stuff. Without further ado:

This one is very personal, with every track having some fairly significant resonance. This is also what I’d consider as my most eclectic mix thus far, covering pretty much my entire musical ‘life’ from Donna Summer in the 70’s, through Talking Heads and Madness in the 80’s (with a deliberate nod to Midnight Oil and the benefits that music from other countries has had on my life.) In fact, you can expect a nod in that direction from my final compilation. The Nina Simone track is beauty personified too, and I have Mr Alt to thank for KT Tunstall, who was utterly amazing when I saw her live last year. I hope I get to see some more live music this year, despite the fact I had to sell my soul for Kate Bush (utterly worth it though.)

On days like to day, when the World has chucked stuff at me and I have managed fairly successfully to survive, music like this is a great source of sanity and calm. I hope this does for you as it does for me. I’ll be off to listen to this again on headphones right now… 😀

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