Using my own pictures = PRICELESS.

Last week, I had a holiday, and it was SPLENDID.

Today I return to a World I know I’m happier with than I was when I left it, but has many things I need to fix for the sake of my own sanity. Mostly this has to do with me writing about stuff OTHER than gaming, and taking more time to actually look after myself and not allow my bad habits to push me back into not exercising. Ironically I’ve been trying to get that exact balance right for close to a decade now, but I feel I might finally be making some progress. Most importantly of all, I feel that I need to be beating myself up less and taking more time to realise just how good I am at some stuff, and where I need to get better. I managed this year, for instance, to schedule and ENTIRE week’s worth of gaming stuff for while I was away without too much hassle. Now all I need to do is fit the rest of my life in around that.

Surely it can’t be that hard?

There is a lot of disquiet in my portion of the gaming world, centred around words like diversity and social progression. I’m actually rather glad that these conversations are happening now, and that I am able to have them without people treating me with less respect… in fact, I sense more in the last few weeks, as if I’m finally able to make a mark without it becoming all about personal issues. I think I need more flags to wave, as it happens, and that perhaps I should be spending more of my life understanding that causes are worthwhile and should be embraced, instead of simply assuming someone else has that covered. Sitting down and ensuring I wrote this post today, for instance, is part of the effort to make my brain grasp that sometimes, what I THINK is important isn’t actually at all. I am always worth putting first and I should treat myself far better as a result.

This week, therefore, is all about my words.

I’ve had an idea in my head for a long time now, another in my series of ‘Alternative Universe’ dramas, and I must get it out of my brain and onto a page as a matter of urgency. Then there is the First Novel which is almost done, and WILL BE before the week is out. Then I’ll be at it again with editing hat on and then… well, if anyone out there is prepared to act as a Proof Reader, I think I am really going to need one. So, if you are reading this and prepared to help me try and fulfil my dream of getting something in print, time to drop me a line via DM on Twitter or in the comments. I am looking for someone to proof read 45,000 words or thereabouts, with a critical eye for details as well as words.

Yes, this is me actually asking for help, because I need someone prepared to help me and there isn’t anyone I have to ask except you. It’s okay, I understand if you say no.

However, you never know until you ask.