Yesterday, despite indications to the contrary, was not great.

Where normally today I would run away and hide I have no such luxury. I have committed myself to many things, and all must be done. That’s a big change from recent years when I’d do my utmost never to agree to anything in case I screwed it up. This is now about being a grownup and trying to learn.

There is Football this week, and I suspect it will become a metaphor for what I do. The constant struggle, a lack of consistency, aiming for the title I can ever become good enough to attain. Yes, I am the National Football Side. I’m utterly doomed.

I also wanted to put something here because these are the days when I want to try and ignore what I am and bury myself in distraction. I’m here to remind myself it’s been doing that for so long that’s caused a lot of the issues to begin with. Time to start doing things differently.

Time to Change