There will be a ‘State of the Writing’ post later today. For now, I am compelled by events in other online places to make some comments regarding being a dick.

I have some skeletons in my closet. I’m not proud of what I’ve done at certain points in my past: I hope I’ve learnt from those experiences, because that’s all you can reasonably aspire to in the one hit you get at life. What I absolutely refuse to do is try and pretend these things never happened: I have no excuses, after all. The fact I walked away from parts of my life and deliberately left them as the past might be viewed by some as weak; this I can also accept. The fact remains, I understand what happened, and I have worked to consistently improve everything as a result. I am aware that I have left people hurt too, but in the end I believe, to the best of my knowledge, this has not negatively impacted their lives.

You see, you can be specific but deliberately vague and get away with it ^^

I use the phrase ‘being a dick’ quite a bit, as it happens, although I know some people may be disappointed at such a sexist turn of phrase. I use it to refer to myself as well, not because I feel I’m thinking with my ladyparts, but because it just encompasses for me a form of behaviour that screams ‘stop it you selfish bastard.’ It is the moment when someone turns off their brain and simply does what I used to do so often in my younger days: focus on my own basic needs and forget everyone else’s part in the equation. Of course, there are moments when thinking about only what you need is relevant, and indeed significant, and I am not here to belittle such moments because they are important regardless.

However, there is such a thing as proportion, and there is also the understanding that however bad your individual situation may be, often you are more capable than you realise of affecting change. There are many people however who are completely trapped and helpless: often these people are children (Syria and Gaza spring immediately to mind) without any means of helping themselves.

These are the true victims of circumstance.

Go Sir Chris… 😀

I have been asked on many occasions why I don’t have a ‘Donate’ button on my Gaming Website. The answer is simple: I don’t need the money. It is true, I don’t work full time at anything, but I’m by no means poor, or needy, and if money was what really mattered in all of this I would be more than capable of dropping my writing desires and going for the cash. I am incredibly fortunate as a result to be able to pursue what I do with the support of people who care about me, and that means I don’t believe I have the right to ask people to give me money to help pursue my goals. I don’t need cash, I require someone in the right place to read my work and give me a break. In that respect, I just have to keep plugging away a this until the right set of circumstances combine.

I am aware just how damn fortunate I am in this regard, and I’m certainly not going to push my luck.

The future is yours to create and shape, if you are prepared to grasp the challenges it throws at you. There are terrible things in the world happening to many, many people, and I wish as a planet we could spend less time obsessing about land and borders and the various notions of ‘freedom’ and focus on some basic decency from person to person. That doesn’t just mean being the good friend and helping out, it goes both ways. Don’t take advantage of people’s generosity, don’t try and pretend you are something you are not. If you are truly in trouble and utterly incapable of looking after yourself there are ways and means with which the world around you can and will help, you just need to know where to look and who to ask. However, if you are trying to pretend you are one thing whilst in truth the past consistently demonstrates you are another, be ready to be found out, because there is nothing the people love more than dirty laundry, and the truth is increasingly difficult to hide in a World where EVERYTHING is saved and archived.

In short, if you want people to help you, don’t be a dick.

If you want to give money that will help the World be a better place, go to UNICEF.

[EDIT: I’m not even making this up. Go Wil Wheaton :D]