Well, this is new.

In a ‘you couldn’t make this up because it’s Real Life’ coda to my last Blog Post, I discovered I’d been blocked late last night on Twitter, with Point 1 very much applying. Normally I’d have just walked away, but because of who this happened to be doing the forcible removal of me from their timeline, I decided that I wanted to know. So, I e-mailed them directly and asked.

I have to say I’m rather glad I did.

This is a reminder that sometimes, other people aren’t like you. They may share the same interests as you and look as if they are able to identify with what you are, but they don’t get it. Most importantly of all their desire to participate in life with the same degree of immersion of you is fundamentally different, to the point that if you find a point of contention and that other person can’t reconcile your position, there WILL be conflict. Amazingly, some people have no desire to fight about issues, or ideas, they are just happy being what they are, especially if those issues appear to have no direct impact on the World in which they personally inhabit. Most importantly, if you drag unwanted conflict into their world when they’re already trying to avoid drama, for whatever reason, you’re doomed from the word go.

This is a salutatory reminder that how YOU see people is fundamentally different to how they see you on the Internets. Don’t ever forget this, that unless you live with them day in, day out or at least have some realistic face-to-face contact with them, your mileage will vary. The reason why I’ve been blocked is quite relevant too, especially in reference to the current climate on social policy in gaming. I was removed because my presence has the possibility of pulling conflict into the life of a person who doesn’t want it. I’ve not been removed because of what I am, but because of how I’ve interpreted what I see on the bombsite known as Gamergate. I have to say, that’s a spin on things I’d never have seen coming in a million years, but I’ll bet you it’s not unusual.

I’m actually writing this now to highlight the fact that, like it or not, some people don’t see the World in the same way you do, and they choose not to engage with you as a result. That’s an angle I think probably needs covering more than it will ever receive, but because that’s not having a side or pushing a point, it really isn’t newsworthy and nobody is interested.

Nobody today that is except me.