Does the Job.

The die has been cast. Work has begun on the Great Big Redo of Everything, and thus far it is not entirely hopeless. Johnny is justifiably upset that he didn’t make the cut into my logo strapline idea, but you can’t have everything. The progress I’ve made thus far has integrated some new wrinkles into the timetable, but it will take a few days to gather all the copy up and stick everything in the right place. Needless to say, as I am not the kind of huge multinational corporation who has the luxury of throwing the site down for a week and letting people crawl all over it to make it look loverly, you’ll have to manage while I fix stuff.

I’m doing this pretty much as I go along, which means the logos will get work this week, but what is more important is getting the other shit sorted. So, bear with me. However, you should now know that

will get you here for the first time, because PROPER ORGANISATION has broken out.
Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll be over there, hitting stuff with a bloody huge hammer TO MAKE EVERYTHING FIT DAMMIT.