Send in the Choppers ^^

I think I will do a weekly braindump. This will at least mean you’ll have 52 posts that can be tracked as a barometer for how life is treating me generally. It’s the first time for about a decade I’ve felt the urge to actually be conversational, so it might not be a bad idea to capitalise on the moment. I have a lot of places across the Web that need to be addressed too, so this will help me keep track of what I’ve done and what yet needs sorting. This means I can keep actual entertainment separate and not impinge on you people who really aren’t that bothered with the minutiae of my life, such as it is.

Many things are still broken on the Website front, need fixing or are in desperate need of a redo, but it is Sunday afternoon and frankly, stuff can now wait. It doesn’t help that my brain is mush as a result of doing this, but there is a sense of general satisfaction that now everything has a sense of overall cohesion. I even conceded the black background/white text thing I’d planned when I got a 50/50 split of like/dislike on the change. If I can keep the purple, I’m happy. That colour matters, not just simply because it spells #D9CAFE in Hex. Some things are just meant to be, design fans.

I require a better Biography page. I don’t posses a current picture of myself I am happy with. I should design a Contact Page that works across both sites that isn’t going to inundate my e-mail address with spam. I want to sort out my t-shirts in a manner that means I can photograph them all in a consistent fashion. I am considering a new tablet purchase. ALL of this all has to happen in my brain pretty much simultaneously which means I’ll probably spend the rest of the afternoon unable to get anything done or I’ll simply faff doing summat completely different.  However, I did manage three bursts of exercise over the festive week and I’m fully planning to do three gym visits next week. That’s a MASSIVE step forward in terms of organising my life.

Needs more wimmin 😛

What I have done and I’d meant to for some time is install the Amazon Video app onto the iPad. Season Three of Ripper Street is taunting me and what I am likely to do is watch the first two seasons again as preparation. I’m not that enamoured by much current TV, it must be said, but there are things I wouldn’t mind trying to catch up. Perception immediately springs to mind, which I think I am at least a season behind on. That’s the problem when you don’t really do TV any more: I always seem to be woefully behind on current trends, but I don’t think this is a bad thing. You gotta leave time to breathe, right?

Most importantly of all, someone remind me to talk to real people more this year, and go have dinner with them, and beers, and remind myself what it is like to actually posses a social life. Because this a thing I miss the most, and should be the part of my existence that gets by far the most love and attention.

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