Edvard Munch, The Sick Child, 1885–86

There was no brain dump yesterday, because today there is a sick child next to me. I wish I could get her to cough up the stuff I can hear rattling around in her windpipe, but alas she will not play. In Good News she’s almost over the worst of the infection and will be back at School tomorrow.

I cross everything for a good night’s sleep.

I am at least a week behind on myself to boot, but the plan today is simple: correct all the issues with red text on the Novel stuff, post a new episode today, and then get started on the next big slab of Editing. After that, there’s a metric shedload of changes and updates that need to be made to both of the ‘new’ sites. Am gonna see how far I can get with them all until fatigue finally destroys my brane.

Expect a bit of action from this site this week, I actually have a few things I want to say, and that must mean my life is becoming a bit more interesting.