This year’s got off to a worryingly good start.

There’s no need to go hide from the world until February, which is how the first few weeks of a new year always feels. In fact, all told, this is all a bit too good to be true. I’ve spent the last three days, for the want of a better word, ‘standardising’ my various web presences. I have a couple of places still left to play with (Twitch most notably) but that really needs me to connect my Webcam and bite the bullet of doing on-screen appearances. It will all come however, because I have decided I am determined to do lots of shit this year I’ve promised myself would happen, and now will. Because, as my mother never tires of telling me whenever I see her, we’ll all be dead eventually.

I’m hoping I can get a bit done before that happens 😛

This means pushing a couple of projects out of my brain and into the World, but first I have more pressing concerns. There’s six weeks worth of Gaming Podcasts to knock off, for starters, but I’m quietly confident I can break the back of this by the end of February. It is what I then have time to throw around that: the Novel’s written and fairly solid for that same period, I’d like to try and push another work to completion so I can have a go at pitching it online. Then, I have two other things I wanna do: we mentioned the Bond Movie thing late last year. Well, that has a logo now, and a webspace ready. All I gotta do is stop worrying about everything Eon produced between the Spy Who Loved Me and The Living Daylights and the fact I’d actually have to watch the torture scene in Casino Royale without looking away. Having seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I believe I am now mentally prepared to watch Mr Craig being tortured. This means the first film I review and break down for my own benefit and your general entertainment will be Dr No. Connery, I come for you.

Arriving before the end of January. I hope.

Finally, there’s what I’m going to dub ‘The T Shirt Project.’ I’d hoped to do this once a week and I’m still aiming for this, even if it means stacking up half a dozen pictures at the first time of asking. All will become clear as we go along, and I’ll be asking people to present their own ‘entries’ for my Online Gallery too. ‘Favourite Shirts’ should also launch before the end of the month, barring any major apocalypse-type real life events.

And there’s the other idea. BOOM!

This means that the personal site might start generating its own separate traffic eventually. That’s the plan, and this is why I’ve made both this and the gaming site so generically similar, because although the two different spheres are largely indivisible in my mind, they’re not for others. This way, I get to keep everything roughly together but at the same time very much separate, and it allows me to stick stuff online that I think people might find interesting. Most importantly of all for me, none of this really costs any money at all. It is just time, which is becoming an extremely precious resource, but I am learning to use in more sensible ways than I ever did in my past. If there is one enduring legacy to all this working stuff out, it is the importance of time management.

There’s an awful lot to be said for getting yourself organised.