So today, I went through a systematic cull of all the wastrel junk in my Social Media accounts: no, just because I mentioned Ryan Reynolds a week ago doesn’t mean I want pictures of him, puny robot follower. Then there’s the author using Twitter to sell their book who bought the first 5000 followers as a shrewd marketing ploy… and so it goes on, the endless list of people who are simply here to make the quick buck. I get that, its okay. Then I notice the Unfollowers, and I spend a moment working out why they all left. I know why she departed: I swore too much, talked FAR too much and I bought a realism into her timeline she’s too scared to admit exists on her own. Then he went because after hitting a a magic number of followers you want the one game I talk about clogging up his feed…

Do I overthink all this shit? HELL OF COURSE I DO. That’s the point of Social Media.

Because everybody has to flounce sometime…

Social Media’s many different things to a wealth of disparate social groups. Depending on your age, profession, place in the World and love of (insert name of actor/music combo/sports team here) it has a myriad of uses, or potential abuses. For me, it’s my Muse. It is an incredible tool for crowd-sourcing ideas. It allows you to gain a unique insight into how people work and think when they’re communicating in a restrictive format (which is especially true with Twitter.) However, what is becoming increasingly apparent is that some people can’t cope with the notion of reality in their feeds, and by that I mean the realisation that because this is SOCIAL media, that involves inevitably reacting with the rest of humanity. You know when Facebook asks you if you know people before you friend them? There’s a reason.

That means that however great you might think my blog posts are, when you have to sit and listen to me on a daily basis, one of two things is likely to happen.

a) You realise that the post you read wasn’t a mistake. I really am this tetchy, grumpy, passionate, opinionated, insane and ultimately FEMALE. All of this is not a problem to you, and you decide to stay. 

b) You realise that the post you read wasn’t a mistake. I really am this tetchy, grumpy, passionate, opinionated, insane and ultimately FEMALE. All of this becomes a massive issue when I say summat the rubs you up the wrong way and makes you think ‘screw this I’m not listening any more’ and you decide to leave.


And there it is, more or less. There was the lass who left over what was to her an utterly thoughtless comment but on reflection was spot on the money. Then there were the number of misunderstandings that were cleared up but were in the end convenient excuses for departure. Oh yeah, and at least one guy who got upset when I wouldn’t be told how to think… some might think it’s dangerous to remember all of this, but actually I see it as a long-term path to enlightenment. There are those who grasp the future, and others that choose to remove reality from the equation and pretend that the rest of the World doesn’t actually exist. As it happens, this is entirely understandable, and there are those who will suggest that sometimes, you don’t want everything, all at once, because that exposure has the potential to be detrimental over time. In fact, many people will tell you that actually, making better decisions is based on understanding your references.

It could be utter bollocks, that’s going to depend on the individual. The key is embracing what works for you. For me, this is the best its ever been. Yeah, even the upsetting shit is better than it was because what I’ve learnt via all of this in the last few years is how to more accurately express what I am, and that’s by embracing both reality and unhappiness. Yes, you can pretend all the bad stuff doesn’t exist, but ultimately that’s a lie, and lying to yourself is never going to end well. The trick is finding the balance, and only recently have I grasped that actually, it does go both ways. I don’t need to keep people who perennially wind me up in my feed, and I won’t suffer from being any less than I am if I choose to stop listening. Does this mean I have become the thing I hate? I’m not sure. Everyone has limits, and tolerances, and knows when it is time to stop. The measure of your ability to be a good person? Listening and learning, I think.


In the end, it’s just a bunch of words on a screen.

Except, for some of us, it forms a personal journey to redemption.