…and you are?

This is a lesson in humility.

You’re not an Internet Celebrity. Just because you have a following on Twitter, or a Facebook page, doesn’t mean you’re all that. No, really, it doesn’t. However important you believe you are, there’s always someone bigger. If you want to be REALLY famous, there are a number of routes you can pursue. Scandal’s always a good bet. Do something despicable. Hurt as many people as possible is also an option, but be warned that this road to fame may not end up with a record deal or a clothing line. Ideally, you just want to be yourself while this happens, because then you can continue to live your life in utter and total ignorance of the effect you can have on others and not really care either way.

Fame is relative. Never forget this. The best exponents of the brief life of the famous person understand that with photo opportunities comes great responsibility.


I saw a meme doing a round over this picture a while back: this famous man has deliberately not placed his hand on a high-profile famous lady waist because that would mean contact with bare skin (and would be inappropriate as these two are not an established celebrity ‘item’.) This shows a situational awareness of the other famous person that would definitely be lacking in others. Therefore, our Famous Man is doing it Right. There are many lessons to be learnt on your ascent to greatness. The biggest single one is that you’re not all that. As you remain a human being, basic courtesy and understanding should come as standard. You are no better or worse than anyone else, and as a result you should be ready to be judged by the same set of benchmarks the rest of Humanity often struggle to attain. Everybody has a brain, after all. Don’t think that your celebrity means you don’t need to use yours.

Most importantly, fame depends on the size of your bubble.


Getting obsessed with crap is a common human failing. Whether it’s the poop gag or the number of followers you had thirty minutes ago, it doesn’t matter. Numbers are as relative as everything else in the Universe: infinite followers ain’t never gonna happen, gurl. The need to continually obsess about your relative stature is not something to be recommended. Instead, simply enjoy the moments when they happen, and then move on. Because quite honestly you don’t know if you’ll even be here tomorrow, so what’s the point?

Thank you @ayligerwolf 😀

If you’re going to play any game, whatever it might be, take a moment to understand the rules. Know you’ll be under constant scrutiny when you do and be prepared to keep yourself whiter than white as a result. Don’t diss anyone else. Know your limits. Don’t try and be too clever and always make sure you thank the people who take the time to look out for you. Finally, most importantly of all, learn humility. Understand that just because people like you doesn’t give you the excuse to treat them or anybody else as lesser mortals. EVERYBODY is the same, so when somebody does something good for you, ALWAYS THANK THEM.

Oh, and if you’re on the Internet, the only way you’re famous is if you invented it.


Everybody else is on their own.