In a revelation to me this morning, but not so much to Science, I realised my brain is, more or less, a gigantic filtration system. To demonstrate, I have borrowed this graphic that somebody else made and relabelled it for myself:

This means that I take in a ton of stuff from various sources (where news is a constant and the reactions can be derived from a large number of sources) and then react to it. The time stuff stays in my filtration unit is directly relateable to the complexity of the issue. Currently my brain is processing an issue for The Other Blog, and I’m finding a lot of stuff floating to the surface of my tank as a result. There’s the Cult of Personality, for instance: that bloke that lots of people seem to like who had his TV show pulled because he’s allegedly hit a producer. 350,000 people have signed a petition based, I would hope, on the full and detailed explanation of the circumstances behind his suspension to each and every one of them. Nah, didn’t think so. You see, thinking is dangerous. In this immediate world, it takes far too long. Also, if you’re thinking about it you can’t be a part of the spontaneity of Real Life.

That’s like reading, and we know NOBODY does that any more.

Thank you to @SingingPaladin for this 😀

Words are hard. That’s why people are more and more predisposed to go for the visual, to capitalise on the moment, because the attention span of the average person is now so short…


Aaaaaand you get the point.
That’s why I wonder why I bother, with a story written weekly that no more than a handful of people will ever read. Except, that doesn’t matter. It isn’t about making other people happy: if that happens, then its a fabulous, wonderful bonus, that will make me smile and do the baby fistpump. This is about MY HAPPINESS, and that pretty much crucially centres around the ability I have to become a better writer. I don’t frankly care if  most of the world would prefer me on a camera, or talking instead of typing. To become a better person a LOT of stuff needs to make it into the filtration tank and be dealt with. My means to do this is via these here letters and words, and as long as that remains the case the argument for blogging remains unerringly compelling. Seriously, I used a word last week in a podcast script and my Editor pronounces he’s confident he’s never seen this used by anybody else. That’s just WRONG.
Education, at some point, will involve everyone just sitting down and listening. There will inevitably be some reading involved too. Maybe, when these happen, instead of just tuning out, you could try paying attention.
You never know what you might learn if you do.

2 thoughts on “Feed Me Seymour

  1. You know I should probably be paying more attention to my writing on my own blog. Honestly, I tend to use it more for personal purposes anyway as a way of tracking what I was doing in game at any given point in time and the issues I was dealing with. A sort of history that I can go back and review from time to time. That being said, it wouldn't hurt for me to be a bit more focused on my writing in the blog – wouldn't hurt to put a picture or two in there as well every now and then.

  2. This post is truly interesting. Most of your post are interesting, to me i.e. they trigger new questions and suggest a different point of view, so that I sometimes can find a synthesis in the amalgam of my rambling thoughts.
    Unfortunately, you type faster than I can read 🙂 or most definitively can write (especially in a language not my own!): my own PID loop takes time to digest your input and react consequently.
    Anyway, I'm loosing focus…

    I find especially interesting when you write : “I don't frankly care if most of the world would prefer me on a camera, or talking instead of typing.”
    My first reaction was: this is your blog, you set the rules. So why bother to discuss your choice of media?

    On the other hand, this touched a sore spot: I see an increasingly number of contents (especially wow related) are offered in a visual, rather than written, manner. Blizzard stream awards announcement had me really fear that I am getting too old for this.
    I have trouble with videos: whenever I try to understand a boss tactic watching a video I fail miserably. Moreover (and I wonder if streaming people realize this…) if English is not your mothertongue you can have a very hard time understanding what people are saying. Reading is friendlier, for a wider audience.
    Anyway, it just could be me: I'm a slow person, I enjoy reading at my own pace, it suits my personality.

    This is me, as a reader. Now, as for those who actually produce the content and choose their media… Those words reminded me of something Alan Moore (who is definitively a very famous, and controversial, writer) said in an interview about his comics being turned into movies (
    “This assumption that if something works in one medium it will work as well or better in another, I've got no idea where that comes from”

    You may not like his works, but I believe here he's totally right. You can change media to appease a different audience but I honestly doubt you'll enjoy the result.

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