YouTube now does summat that annoys the fuck out of me. It decides that once I’ve played one video, I’m clearly going to want another in the same vein and so it Autoplays just that [*]. Except I have no desire to hear another song, I just picked that one for a reason. Of course, YouTube isn’t smart enough to know this, because it will assume all I want is the same type of music until I tell it to stop, or I throw the PC out of the window.

Dealing with people in the Social Media Age is not unlike this situation, except for a crucial point: there is no immediate on/off option. I can’t choose who I listen to if I decide to have a ‘public’ life, everyone ends up speaking at once and, inevitably, some people get ignored. That’s all well and good if these people are reasonable human beings, but there are those who crave attention in a manner pretty much akin to a five year old wanting the sweets you won’t buy them because they already had enough. You’re then forced to filter out the undesirable elements based on a set of variables that, for many, end up with you having to actually restrict access to your spaces because the rest of the World can’t be trusted. We’ve spoken about this before. Curating Social Media is a thing more people need to do as a matter of necessity.

This is Anne Pontegnie. She is a Curator.

Because, lets be honest, your average slice of humanity posses too many variables to easily grasp. I want to pick one as we continue as a point to make in relation to the issue of personal control:

Passive-aggressive behaviour is the indirect expression of hostility, such as through procrastination, stubbornness, sullenness, or deliberate or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is (often explicitly) responsible. 

You meet these kinds of people a lot in Gaming, truth be told. Some have decided I’m clearly and obviously P-A, which always makes me laugh, because I just suffer from Depression: my hostility is VERY obvious when it happens. I’m also quietly determined to ensure that if I do get angry in future, nobody online ever gets to see it. That’s not what the Internet is for. Anger is destructive and pointless and does no-one any good, and is for private spaces and very-selectively curated groups where trust is in your hands. That’s the thing about disposable relationships: there is no consistency. You possess no real basis for trust and respect, and however hard you try, once you lose what little ability you held to believe someone’s genuine, there’s no point. You can get as annoyed and passively aggressive as you like, but if someone closes the door to you, maybe there’s a reason. And more importantly, maybe you don’t get to know.

If that’s a problem for you, that’s just tough. You don’t get access to what’s in my head. I choose who I give the information to, and if that’s not you? Sorry.

There’s too much noise in my life already. I don’t need to have you making any more.


[*] I know I can turn it off. That’s the point of this post.