It’s all about context, dahlink ^^

Yesterday, I learnt a salutary lesson in timing.

With the benefit of a night’s sleep, I realise that I have probably reached the stage in this journey where it is time to remove my personal life from the public equation altogether. Having two distinct ‘paths’ was something I thought was unnecessary, but I can now see the overriding benefit of separating the two. The reality of doing so is hardly complex, but I can already hear people complaining that ‘you never talk about yourself any more.’

The thing is, you can’t have everything both ways.

Choose your Weapon.

This means that this place is likely to get more use. It also forces me to start working on being clearer and more concise in what I choose to communicate with, which frankly is no bad thing.

In fact, I feel this is a challenge to be both grasped and embraced, and so I shall do both.