Please send a Shredder.

This has to be said, somewhere public where I can link it, because people aren’t grasping some fairly basic truths.

I’m really sorry, but I’m not ignoring you. Sometimes I have other things to do with my life, or I deliberately choose to not respond to things because of their contentious nature. However now, honestly? I just can’t keep up. I’m human and I miss things sometimes, and for me that’s absolutely fine, because Social Media is not where I live, it’s just where I work. If you want me to be your ‘friend’? Treat me with respect, don’t crowd me and most crucially of all understand that sometimes, I’m just not paying attention. That’s not a personal insult. I’m just probably doing something else.

I’m very close to 2000 Followers currently and as the number continues to grow, deliberate efforts will be put in place to reduce the noise of people who don’t get how to be respectful and who forget when they talk on Twitter EVERYONE can hear them (whether they grasp this or not.) If you take this as a personal affront I’m really sorry, but it absolutely isn’t. It’s just me preserving a vital writing tool for as long as I can, and as writing is my life, it matters to have the variety. I love and cherish all the people who I do interact with who get this, who can grasp that (for whatever reason) this place is special not because of any one person’s presence but because of EVERYBODY’S, good and bad.

So, as of this morning, if you ask me something and I miss it? There’s a Feedback Form for that. It’s on the main Warcraft site and if you genuinely want an answer to something? That’s how to get me.

To everyone reading this who understands why I just had to say this?

Thank you.

Written by Internet of Words

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  1. You post interesting subjects, usually answering a question or encouraging discussion. If you open a discussion you are more likely to get people to engage in your tweets. Which is probably why many engage with them.
    I read a lot of your tweets and blogs, I reply to them too sometimes. I rarely hear from you or see you engage in the discussions you start. But am not offended in that. I have gotten into many interesting conversations with other people that way.
    If you want less engagement on Twitter or do not want to contribute avoid bringing up discussions in the first place. If you bring up a discussion, but are not planning on contributing you probably should not bring it up. You also should not be annoyed and a blog post like this should not be necessary. If you want less replies, do fewer questions or invitations for discussions.
    It seems weird when people bring up discussions and do not want to participate in them. Getting dragged into a conversation is of course a completely different thing.

    I do not think it is your follower count that is to blame for this. Most of your tweets do encourage discussion, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

  2. If I follow the social media output of anyone, on post on their blog, if they write something I enjoyed reading or engaged with, I build them up in my mind. I build them up into a special, intelligent and important person – and they are, everyone is.

    So if I reply or tweet I don't expect any kind of response whatsoever, I do not expect to be noticed. I'm just a small person in their life – that's not self deprecating, it's a fact. How could I be a large or important person next to family and real friends? The idea is ridiculous. So if I ever do get a reply (especially if it's positive, or, no way dude, friendly) I am just so happy I could burst.

    I am so easily pleased.

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