I’d be lying if I were to try and understate the importance tea has to me on a daily basis.

As this Blog covers everything in my life, I suppose it is inevitable that at some point tea would make an appearance. I can’t even remember when I began drinking it but I just don’t get coffee, it does not work in my brain and body as nearly as cohesively as tea does. So when people wave around Starbucks mugs, it’s all a bit lost on me. My BFF will tell you that they’re the spawn of Satan anyway, and I’d suspect she’d be right, because the whole notion of early morning drinks like that just doesn’t sit with me either. Big mug, lots of milk, spoonful of honey is normally where I’d go, but having spent two weeks in the US where tea was inevitably served without milk, I’ve had a bit of a revelatory wake up call. Yes, of course I drank tea without everything before, but I never actually enjoyed it.

That is until I grasped what the smell of tea could do when I connected it with my tastebuds.

Bought back from the US 😀

I first encountered Numi at breakfast when staying in Monterey, CA. Served without ceremony, it wasn’t the tea that hooked me but rather the combination of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and ginger. I’ve had it with milk but really it works best when plain, without even sweetener, because there is a complexity to the combination of spices that you simply lose when it’s drowned out with anything else. It was then that I truly understood the significance of all that other stuff on the supermarket shelves in terms of enjoyment, because you utterly need to take out the filler to grasp the importance of the blending. No, I’m not about to go all pseudy and poncy on you all, it’s just that I get it now. It isn’t just the caffeine that wakes me up, it’s the flavours that make my brain go ‘bloody hell this is good.’ And so not only was wibbling about tea born on my Website, but I decided to go out and buy some new things to drink.

How I intend to spend a week sugar free.

In an attempt to kick start my metabolism, I’m off everything sugary completely for a week, in the hope this will give my digestive system the poke it needs to get started. Having done a bit of reading about on the Internets, I picked up this Twinings blend yesterday with one task in mind. This was to try and fool my brain into thinking I’m eating chocolate when I’m not, and therefore attempt to assuage some of the cravings I have. I’m a sucker for anything salted caramel, and was hoping the smell would make my mind think a cuppa was the equivalent to a handful of sweet treats. I’m only on day one so far but dear Lord does this smell like the real deal and actually, it tastes pretty damn good as well. There is definitely both sweet and salt on the taste-buds, but at such subtle levels my brain’s currently not sure whether to just keel over in happiness or demand twenty cups. What this does it give me an amazing means by which I have, at least once today, stopped my body from breaking my mind’s resolve. If this works all week, this will be the best dietary aid I ever bought.

I’m not a scientist, I’m not calling this a wonder cure or owt, in fact I’m just a woman who now grasps the smell of stuff is probably more dangerous than the actual taste, at least in my head. Needless to say, I’m gonna brew my third cup of this now and do my best to leave it at that. However, in providing what it says on the packet? This tea’s already a winner.