January. YUK. 

Right then, time to get organised.
Those of you paying attention will know that I’d (stupidly) running three blogs this year, because I am clearly a masochist and don’t know what the concept of relaxation is all about. You get THAT GAME on one, ME on the other and here is where the two approximately interface. I have grand plans for this year, and this is the moment I pull off the velvet cover and reveal to you what the feck is going on in 2016.
For that, I think we need some appropriate background accompaniment.

Firstly, THERE WILL BE WRITING. Having proven to myself I can finish something to an acceptable standard, it’s high time I did that with the fiction piece I started in 2015. That means The Sayers will be completed this year, if only to maintain a commitment to an idea I love, and that deserves at least a cursory audience. Once I’m ready to continue we’ll do a repost of the stuff so far. I’d expect that to get an edit too, because I’ve learnt an awful lot in terms of writing in the last year.
This year’s major project.
However, there is a bigger plan for 2016. I’ve been writing MMXCI for the best part of fifteen years, off and on, and this is the year when I finally do it justice. I’ve been spending mornings this week getting myself in the head-space of the setting, and I’m ready to finish what I started. You won’t see this here, only spoken about in passing, because I’m hoping I might be able to get this published by somebody else. I hold no illusions, I get how hard this is, but if there were anything I’d want to see as a book it is this idea. So, that’s my big project. Expect much muttering, and the Sidebar Playlist will change this week to reflect my current earworms.
Then there is Podcasting.
I’ve promised to undertake a series of Podcast Interviews for The Starting Zone (which I co-host) in the #WhyIWoW Series. My first one happens tomorrow, and I have many lined up in the weeks that follow. I also hope to do some other aural projects this year, but having learnt a salutatory lesson last year with over-stretching myself? Baby steps. Watch this space.
There will be other shit, clearly. For now, that’s what I’m prepared to admit and pin myself to. Expect this space to get Gaming love too, because it’s not like Warcraft’s the only thing I play.
Yeah, I’d better fix that in 2016 too ^^

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  1. Haha .. strange .. I was just thinking you've got an awful lot on your plate .. I couldn't keep one blog working, never mind three. The call of the ironing pile keeps dragging me back to it …

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