Yeah Alan, I know ^^ 

Today is not going great, let’s be honest. I have a sick daughter upstairs, a washing machine that may (or may not) be about to refuse to give me my washing back, thus facilitating an engineer and a lot of stress on the back of having a huge pile of sick covered bedding to deal with. Plus, my very useful set of Bluetooth headphones look as if they are trashed. Yes, all of these inconveniences are just that: things, stuff, items that do not matter in the greater scheme of life. However, the e-mail I just received is something else, and because the person who sent it will at some point be reading this?

Well, this post is especially for you.

Yes, you did treat me vilely, especially when I wouldn’t do what you wanted. Yes, you were blocked on Twitter for a very good reason, because nobody needs that kind of crap in their life. I think what was particularly telling for me was the way you reacted after it happened, and that said to me that I’d been wise in my choice to block to begin with. However, if the only reason you can bring to the table for your request that I unblock is because you don’t like seeing ‘gaps’ in your conversations? I’m sorry, but no. You still don’t get how this works, not simply for me and many others. Communication is not centred around making things complete, it is based on a simple process of give and take, and if all one side is prepared to do is take in order to make themselves happy? Then that’s not how this works.


You wrote your mail in a manner that tells me you have a long way to go in the way you treat others, especially me. I appreciate there is an apology here, but it is not enough. If I’m honest, I doubt you will ever be able to apologise enough for not simply how you acted, but how you now approach me with what you consider an olive branch. So, there is nothing else to say. Because I don’t want to embarrass you, I give no names or indication of who you are. But please know this: I am no longer part of your life by choice, and the sooner you choose to forget your desire to control me, the better it will be for you. This is the last time I wish to communicate on this matter, and that’s me done.

It is time for you to move on.

Written by Internet of Words

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