Dear Andrew,

I can’t stop you from using my website to send me e-mail, and frankly it’s not worth the effort to begin with. I really don’t care who has me blocked/muted on Twitter, and because I’m not here for a popularity contest (just remember, this isn’t High School) I’m really not interested in being friends, or discussing any of this anywhere any more. However, you do not have the right to tell me what I do, and you certainly don’t have some kind of final say as to when and if I stop blogging about it.

People sometimes just don’t get along. I’m only here because I realise that, in good conscience, I do in fact owe you an apology: I shouldn’t have used the word ‘destroy’ in that tweet. I made a fatal error of judgement and was thinking about myself when I wrote that. You see, if I’d done all that nasty stuff you pulled last year and then someone had publicly named and shamed, it would have destroyed me. You however seem pretty capable of continuing to try and get me to do what you want. You might want to talk to your various therapists and inform them that their suggested approach on the Internet is likely not to yield expected results if the person concerned doesn’t have an interest in reconciliation to begin with.

Everything I’ve done over this with you is in the public domain for a damn good reason: I have nothing to hide. I’d like to ask you now to leave me alone: I’m not interested in anything you might have to offer, and I have made the decision based on what I consider is a solid and sound set of circumstances. Please just stop trying to control what I do, and as soon as that happens, all your problems will just go away.

You’re not blocked from responding to anything I write on the Blogs, and never have been from the issue last year. Just because you do respond does not mean I have any duty to either acknowledge you or reply.

I feel that’s all there is left to say. Should you have anything to add, you can now be confident I’ve said all I feel needs to be on this matter. Enjoy your appearance on the GGW Podcast on Sunday.