This GIF is very clever.

Sometimes, I get that you people are just doing shit for attention.

When you follow enough people and actually read what they say, undoubtedly you get two sides of the same story. Some understand this only too well, doing their best not to tell the same version of events to everyone, so that there’s means and ways to keep everybody on their side. What this inevitably means is that when people get together and talk? There’s often revelations, and inevitable exposure of ‘events’ that actually weren’t nearly as big a deal as was originally advertised. What makes the difference is how the people themselves see as being significant, which inevitably is a long way from the actual reality that is presented.

When you’re a distance from the epicentre, things are never as bad as they appear.


You don’t get to dictate to people what matters to them, not at any point in the equation. Just because you share a space with others does not allow you to impose rules based on who appears to be in charge, or perhaps who possesses the larger following. Mostly, nobody is the boss of you, and anyone acting as if they have the right to run you out of town? Yeah, that’s gonna work. If you’d like to create drama out of virtually nothing, it is really damn easy to do so as well, and that’s why maybe, just possibly, the default for most people shouldn’t be to go in fighting. But if you’re the kind of person who’s had to defend yourself constantly in the real world, you will automatically assume that there’s going to be some aggro whenever people get to understand that your world view and theirs will not intersect. I get this, but I’ve also begun to grasp that how you approach a situation is nearly as important as how things then pan out. So, this might be bleedin’ obvious to some of you, but I think it bears repeating.

If you want to create drama, that’s exactly what you’ll end up doing.


Needless to say, if a doofus like me can see right through what you’re doing, other people will too. If someone thousands of miles away hears complaining about stuff and then is informed from a third party that all of this wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it was made it out to be? People on social media are going to lose respect for you. So if one day if people just stop following? Maybe look to your own actions as a possible reason. More importantly, if someone deliberately removes themselves from a source of drama, and others then try and drag them back into it? Don’t expect ANYONE to be happy about it.

Mostly, it might be time to stop trying to make the Universe revolve around you.

Written by Internet of Words

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