I’ve waited a LONG TIME to use Cee Lo Green’s song title.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive.

There has never been more freedom of expression in the World as there is right now. You can pretty much get away with anything on a daily basis and people do. People will look back on this era with fondness, before the Internet is policed and regulated to within an inch of its life. This is the Wild West, a glorious period where nobody knew what to do, there were no real laws and pretty much everything got made up on the spot. You will wish the world had stayed like this, I think, with the benefit of predictive hindsight. It is the understanding that, however bad you think things are in your head, they are never as terrible as they could be. This is a fact too many people conveniently overlook in their attempts to manipulate their personal gravity. However badly you want the world to rotate around you, the laws of Physics aren’t going to play. You might think you’re dictating terms, but you’re so totally not.

What you want in life is for people to give a fuck WITHOUT you trying.

I’m very lucky, and yet it is human nature to fixate on the things you cannot have. That friend you want to hang out with that you don’t live near, the item you’d love to afford but is always out of your budget, the problem that just won’t go away however hard you try. I’ve begun to realise that the idea of ‘harmony’ is based around these things not mattering a fuck to begin with. The real trick to attaining peace and tranquillity does not involve a diet plan, an exercise regime or indeed anything else that can be created. All those books that say it starts with you are spot on, of course, but because the path to enlightenment is different for everybody, which bit of you that actually involves is up for some debate.

Mine came with a revelation last week over That Video Game.


This is the Time Lost Proto Drake. It is probably the hardest mob to obtain in game because it is a world spawn, camped incessantly and particularly hard to track, IMO. I was in a 5 Man Instance during the week when someone was riding it about, clearly hoping that people would notice him and make some comment. When nobody did, I was naughty and did a bad thing. I suggested someone play properly.

ME: Stop cocking about on your mount and actually play, please.
THEM: But don’t you know what this is?
ME: It’s a mount.
THEM: No, it’s a Time Lost Proto Drake.
ME: I have no idea what that is, but it’s brown, nasty and as ugly as fuck and you should be doing damage.

Look at me, wilfully ignoring the clear power of the rare drop. You see, when you understand the power a particular object has over some people, you can remove all of its relevance by failing to accept it as important. That’s how you can fuck with people’s heads if you are an evil super-baddie, or rise above it if you’re the good guy. Mostly, that’s how all the rubbish stuff in your life can be left to one side, because when you can identify the power that thing/person/even has over you and rationalise it, the power doesn’t exist to wield over you any more. This may be playground psychology to some of you, but for me in the week it was an epiphany of major proportions.

So, now I can genuinely not give a fuck about stuff and actually make some progress.

It makes people happy.

The thing is with this Drake is that people see it in different ways. For most its just what it is, a bunch of pixels, but for others there’s a psychological resonance in the attainment. You don’t belittle that significance for them, because that’s bad and wrong too. You just accept that for you, this situation has no control over you, and that’s absolutely fine, and with the acceptance of this in the week an awful lot of stuff has quite literally just fallen into place. That’s why I’m here writing the blog post for starters. Because right now? I have no gravity at all, I am floating free and beautifully unhindered in a space entirely of my own creation, and it is glorious.

I know this won’t last forever either, and so I fully intend to make the most of the position while I can. Of course I still give many fucks about a vast number of things, but only I get to know what they are, and if you’re lucky I’ll consider sharing them with you.

For everybody else? Time to go looking for your own epiphanies.