… and your point? ^^

I’d like to think you’re smarter than you seem to be letting on, Internet. I’d hoped that you’d understand some basic rules about social interaction by now, but you don’t seem to grasp anything. The Rules in Here are not the same as they are out in the Real World, but only for certain things. Mostly, if you play Social Media Roulette and stick all your chips on red and then it comes up black? You lost. Telling me that I’m an idiot is pointless, I know I am, because nobody is 100% correct ever. However, there are basic truths here. Intractable, unavoidably obvious truths.

Take your victories where you can.

1. Actions have Consequences.

If you act like a twat in public, people will call you out. If you do shit things, others will be aggrieved. Sometimes, your sex and sexual preference will be part of the problem, and how you deal with this becomes a measure of what you are. If you choose to stand in the spotlight? Be ready to face the consequences, because you did something to put you there. The measure of true heroic individuals is how they deal with their time as heroes, after all, both good and bad.


2. Expect Constant Resistance.

Life is hard, and you have to work at it 24/7. When alone, learn to actually BE alone. Be careful what you share, and hold yourself back. Do not be afraid of the fact that nobody is talking and find comfort in your own confidence. Mostly, if you’re going to be a selfish, entitled prick(tease) of either flavour? Be ready to have people lining up to take you to task. It’s the new internet esport that anybody can play.


3. Stop Trying to Start Drama.

Maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to post that response. Perhaps you realise that the person talking isn’t asking for an instant response. Is it possible that this isn’t just a worldwide chat channel? Sure, it is for some, but not 24/7. Often people need to shout into the void and not get an answer. In time they’ll learn that this is what happened before social media. Until they do? Learn to practice silence and consideration. Don’t fuel the fire.

Today is the day when I learn not to make it worse. Today is the day when I stop Tweeting and start writing. This is when I learn to stop contributing to the problem, and become a solution.

This is a Good Day.