I realise I’ve been quite quiet here, and actually that’s due a change now, because I’m in the process not only of updating all the websites, but writing a wish-fulfilment piece that’s actually becoming something of a labour of love. Interspersed in all of this is the realisation that I’m fundamentally altering in outlook, and the Community I am working in is heading for some fairly important changes. It is therefore inevitable that there will be division and conflict. Once upon a time, that scared me. I know people who don’t know how I can be as I am and stand up to the shit that is flung by some, and I’d like to share a secret with you. I know all my abusers. Anonymity on the Internet really is the most ridiculous of falsehoods, because however much you’d like to think you can do stuff and nobody will know? Unless you are REMARKABLY clever?

Nothing is ever that random.

Go on, fight away ^^

The people who I come into conflict with fall into several distinct camps: you either have a slapfest, make up and move on, you conduct a civil conversation and agree to differ, or you decide I’m Satan and attempt to eradicate my existence from your reality. Whichever camp you choose to represent? I’m really not that fussed. No, really, I’m not. If you call me a friend one day and then vanish the next? There’s issues there I don’t know about and you’re not telling me and that’s fine too. I don’t dictate other people’s versions of reality, but they often seem more than keen to influence mine. This is not the same as telling someone to shut the fuck up because they’re being a dick either. There is a measure of reaction to events that other people judge as either ‘acceptable’ or ‘not’ and if you’re working on such extremes of colour, if it is simply black or white to you? Trust me, you’re in for a shock. Because however right you feel you are, or however wrong your friends might paint someone else to be? Unless you actually speak to them and ask? You’ll never know the real truth. The Internet thrives on supposition and fancy for good reason, because DRAMA IS SRS BNS. You’re not anybody on the Internet unless you’ve had a Stalker, or been threatened, or have some story of how that guy tried to diss your friend and then they started texting you in the middle of the night and…


I know. I KNOW.

The reason why I get drama is because I told people I won’t do what they asked, or I did/thought/wrote something they didn’t like. That means that they think I’m a bad person, that I’m wrong, and that I’m clearly dangerous. None of this is true, unless you ask me to so anything before my first cup of morning tea or hand me a complicated set of instructions on three hours sleep. Mostly, I have brought it all upon myself. Nobody else is to blame here but me, but because social media allows radical free-thinkers like me a platform without censorship or restriction? I must be stopped, my influence has to be curtailed and your 10.30 Angry Mob will be delivered shortly. I wouldn’t mind so much if this were just the Internet having a moment, but it’s happening out in the Meat Space too, and that’s the even bigger concern. Maybe it doesn’t matter anyway, because I’d give humanity a generation tops on current performance, and there’ll be a planet-wide Apocalypse of a scale nobody ever really anticipated. That’s the problem with thinking: nothing’s off the table.

Enjoy your salad days while you can, peasants.

Chaos frightens people, politicians, and governments. You can’t legislate chaos, it’s just not having any of it. That’s why change is managed and controlled, if you believe the tin foil hat brigade. It’s the means by which we are all subjugated and controlled by unfeeling, rich bastards. However, it’s also the fundamental stuff of the Universe, and in it’s larger forms is fucking unstoppable. So good luck trying to control the World, because there’s a better than average chance it won’t care and just go its own way, as has always been the case. You can build into equations the notion of control, of course, but if you fail to factor in the unpredictable or unexpected, you’re in for a surprise. Did you see what I did there? Good, because I’m not changing the schedule any time soon, and if you find this kind of stuff frustrating, it might be a plan to just go somewhere else.

This is how this works. That’s all there is to it.