This week has been utter bollocks. Let’s not beat about the bush, people, five ridiculous days of comedy kaleidoscope has come and gone. I’m here because I want to make sure the site ticks over every couple of days, and I need to spend a bit of time talking about community. I refuse to use a capital letter to describe the place I inhabit, and not going to go for the easy targets and low-hanging fruit, however attractive that might seem as a target. You’re the problem here, just as I am. We all promise ourselves that there won’t be judgement or pronouncement but yet it still happens, every damn day. The last ten days’s evolved into a salutatory warning that however well you know someone, you can’t provision for the unexpected. Shit really does just happen.

Question is, how you gonna deal with that, bro?

You’re not prepared? RIIIIIIGHT ^^

Here’s a radical notion: why not just be honest? It staggers me beyond belief how many don’t consider this course of action as either acceptable or correct. ‘People’ keep telling me I need more tact and diplomacy but honestly, truthfully, why not just tell it how it is occasionally? This is one of the reasons why the positivity crowd tend to suffer after prolonged exposure to the Real World: some days, you don’t need to hear how special you are, you just need to just get to the end of the day with some kind of dignity. Of course, I understand and ascribe to the schools of ‘STFU Nobody Cares’ standing shoulder to shoulder with the ‘Just Accept Everybody As They Are’ but the problem with so many others is that you don’t consider both as part of the palette. I’m sorry if some of us grate on you, but guess what? We’re part of your community as well, like it or not.

I know. I know.

In amongst the chaos, there have been moments of true brilliance however, and however bad you’d like to paint the World? It never is. What was contentious today is often forgotten tomorrow, the problems come when people don’t move on and hang desperately onto their disgruntled and often misplaced annoyance. There are those who wonder why I do what I do, and to them is the reminder today that what I see from ‘out here’ is often a great deal more objective than you might get from your position in the Gaming Universe. I have no employer to assuage, or a cause to champion. I don’t pick sides, often I just dislike everybody. If it matters that we talk and get on? Needs to be a two way street. I’ll forgive you but don’t think this gives carte blanche to be a twat as a result, okay?

If you want ‘true’ community, EVERYBODY has to get on. Ironically, the miserable sods aren’t your biggest issues. It’s the quiet ones that will cause the most trouble, and often for the reasons you’re not expecting. Trust me on this. 

Those with too much to say end up as being surprisingly compliant and accepting in the end.