As promised, we begin this week as we mean to go on: as it’s Monday, it seems only right and proper to set the stall out for the weeks that follow. There’s a lot of work going on in various quarters as well, which includes trying to get three very disparate websites fit for purpose. Someone tell me why I thought three was a good idea, but then I’ll tell you I know exactly why that’s the case. If you want to learn about me? Then this is where we’ll really start.

This is gonna end in tears

Part of my problem in the past was to attempt to do too much and never finish what I started. A lot of THAT has to do with not having properly learnt processes for myself: how I write best, what I need to focus on to improve… lots of technical shit that I thought I could initially deal with via formal study but has finally only developed substance and strength via discipline and focus. That means that I have fifteen years worth of odds and ends scattered over several hard drives that has the potential to be resurrected and used, plus a couple of interesting ideas that could be de-constructed and recreated for practical use. For now I’m going to start with fragments: there’s pieces that were originally used as part of an Open University course that I’m going to break down and present. I’m working on some short stories of an EXTREMELY adult nature that will eventually see the light of day.

Then, there’s the Bond.

The rumour mill is swirling away at present and I suspect we’ll have a new 007 in the frame pretty soon, and when that happens I’m fairly confident my desire to AU the fuck out of the existing world’s going to effectively vanish. It will have nothing to do with the new guy, of that I’m sure, and everything around the understanding I’m done with the idea. Because in the end, at least for me, that’s what matters most. Once that’s complete I can actually focus on getting my life in order and aiming towards using my own ideas and work to push in the direction I really want. However, the wish fulfilment part of my brain knows I want this out and public. We’re almost there, too. Early June looks like a doable timescale to start serialising. I’d like to think I can get this finished and out of the way before Summer Holidays which means once I return in September I know where I’m going.

That also means some decisions about other bits of my life that need to be made. Why does this all have to be so bloody complicated?


Knowing all this? We’re going to start tomorrow with a piece of work I’ve played around with since I used it for my initial Creative Writing OU course. Interspersed amongst all this will be poetry and other random gubbins. I wan you now, a lot of this will be utterly spontaneous, with periods of long, angsty outpourings.

Nobody said this was going to be good, either ^^