I’m getting really fucked off with people not reading stuff.

It’s not my content that this bothers me with, as it happens: I know now, having shifted from Blogger, just how much of my daily traffic was effectively trash/spam. Now it is clear that the robots can’t find me, I have a far better idea of what I’m doing and what needs to be improved, and when I get back to my desk after the scheduled Summer vacation, I am ALL OVER THAT. For now, I’m simply organising and building, but honestly? Some of you people need a right good slapping. I’ve watched a friend today state he won’t be blogging for a while and people automatically assuming he’s vanishing from the face of the Earth. I watch people on Twitter say one thing and others quite spectacularly take the 100% opposite meaning from their words.

On the Internet, you can really make the right wrong with very little effort.


Then there are those who work really hard to make a point and nobody listens, right up to the moment when *someone else* says the exact same thing and suddenly it’s the best development/news/idea since The Best Thing Ever. Then I just want to toss the metaphorical table and give people a really good shaking: just because you noticed this now doesn’t mean it’s either new or fair to exclude those who’ve worked hard at the expense of what you find easy to cope with. So many people are incredibly good at just not paying attention, and then when I lament this? The range of responses always, inevitably includes the comment ‘I can’t be bothered to read your blog.’ Well, if all you’re interested in is your Facebook feel-good stories and your video that runs on mouse-over and the need to feel you have a better grasp on the World?


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Oh, and get that off my lawn.

2 thoughts on “Wake Up

  1. The challenge that I have is that I am constantly behind on my reading. A side effect of attempting to do the blogging column for MMOGames is that I now have something like 600 blogs in my blogroll. So it can often take me months to dig down enough to see a post. I click through posts like this one when I happen to be paying attention to social media at the moment when a post happens… but then again even there I am following like 1300 people, and have done a poor job of sorting through the signal to noise ratio. The result is that I am often completely oblivious to things that are happening without realizing it. So I am probably horribly guilty of the “new best thing” construct, or reacting to part of a statement when I didn’t happen to see the whole thing scroll by. There are a lot of days I feel like I am drowning in information, and treading furiously attempting to stay afloat… just enough to maybe be able to see which shore I should be heading towards. Most days… trying to figure out how to float along is the best I can do.

  2. Now now Alt, we both know that unless a great idea is put out there by a Twitch streamer, or YouTube personality with 10’s of thousands of subscribers, it never happened. Writing is becoming a lost art. I give you well deserved credit for the effort you make every day.

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