I’ve stolen a header from the Personal Blog this morning, and I’m here to explain that the bi-daily serialisation of the Bond that I managed and succeeded in doing whilst away is taking a break until Friday. You’ll then get another episode on Saturday before we go back to the normal scheduled times (Mon/Wed/Fri.) This isn’t due to a lack of content, but as a thanks to my husband who’s been dutifully reading everything as I complete the editing process. He’s got a lot on post holiday, and deserves a break, and so I’m giving him some much needed breathing space.

This also gives me an opportunity to detail what happens when the Bond is done. Several people have asked if I’ll publish both Duet and Default as complete novels: if you know anything about copyright, you’ll understand the there is absolutely no way on the planet I ever make money with other people’s canon, and I’d be utterly foolish to try. However, there will be the means when we’re done by which you can download a complete version of both ‘stories’ in a format that will fit onto your tablet/reading device of choice. When this happens, there is the very real chance that a donation button will appear on the site. If you enjoy what I write?


After THAT? Things get a bit nebulous on the serialisation front, but I fully intend to keep working on online content whilst my first novel is finished. The Sayers remains a project I am fully committed to, and with the improvements in my writing/editing skills I fully intend to return to that and complete the work, with means for you to ‘purchase’ a complete version when I’m done. I also suspect the Erotica project will go the same way, dependant on personal commitments. Needless to say, you can expect to see some kind of newsletter/e-mail notification system being implemented in the Autumn which will keep you up to date on what the fuck is going on here. I’ll give you plenty of warning when it goes live.

Starting September 1st, there’ll also be more than just the writing to keep you company. Having made a decision to go full-time into this project? I like to go large or go home, and so expect stuff. Much stuff, with added gubbins for good measure.

Needless to say, these are exciting times ahead.


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