Firstly, I’m STILL ON TARGET. Two days in and I haven’t stuffed it up yet. No cheating, no pretending I’ve written when I haven’t. Even though I’m broken from over gym-ing and stupid rep challenges I still did the work. Amazingly, this story is writing itself, though there is perilously little physical description of my protagonists at present. I can go back and stick that in later. For now, I’m more concerned with getting plot sorted.

The history I wrote works quite well as a general introduction, and will be particularly useful as exposition if required later on. Right now there are only two people to worry about, but the next issue will be to introduce a whole group of new characters and their relevance to this duo. This doesn’t frighten me nearly as much as expected. I also introduced a couple of things into play I’m really happy about, in terms of how this alternate world is described. Text is already being stared at with an understanding of what to keep and throw away. Most importantly of all, the skills learnt doing Bond really are beginning to bear fruit in terms of narrative confidence.


I won’t have much chance to write in the next few days, but the youngest is having a sleepover Friday night which may give a chance to pile on some words. Right now, looking to the end of this ‘story’ there’s an understanding that this may be more than one book’s worth. The logical conclusion for ‘Book One’ is in one of three possible places: Central London, Manchester or New York, and there’s a bit of indecision as to where to go. For now, the narrative is sound to that last point, so if I wanted to leave the door open to continue? I could do just that. There’s never been an idea that felt like this for me before. Beginnings and ends were always the plan. To possess a concept that could run indefinitely? Exciting times ahead.


Keeping a daily diary of progress is also really helpful, because there is an added incentive not to cheat and to keep momentum going. It helped a lot tonight that there was sushi as reward after a long day. It will help even more if I can get legs to work tomorrow and have another hour at the Gym. Working on a Treadmill is the best workout for my brain as well as body. Some of the best ideas come in the endorphin highs experienced from extended exercise.

I think that concept is more than likely to work itself into the Novel in due course.


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