Ladies and gentlemen, you know I do love myself some HOT .GIF ACTION on the Twitters, and so this year I intend to reproduce the most fun I’ve had with this platform for some time. Last year, instead of spending money that could be used for stuff like helping people who have nothing, I gave a bunch of cash to Oxfam and sent loads of people .GIFs instead.


This year, I have upped the stakes, and instead of doing requests, I’ll be making stories, commenting on events or simply sharing the favourite .Gifs other people throw at me. I’ll also be doing it for 12 hours straight. There’s a reason for that, because I’m trying to raise money at the same time.

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This time, I want to raise 100 UK Pounds at minimum for Mind who have pretty much every aspect of Mental Health in the UK covered. Speaking as someone with mental health issues, I can think of no finer means by which you help someone else but by doing what you are good at, and I am VERY GOOD at .Gifs.


So, please make sure you keep December 17th free in your diaries. You can then come and laugh at me, as I attempt to use a 140 character format to entertain on a Saturday night.


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