As was promised on Monday, you’ll now see a major change to the site’s layout. This is, for the main cosmetic at present, and is being facilitated early to allow me to stealthily bolt on space for the new content whilst not interrupting what already takes place. That will all happen at the IW Portal (see menu above) which will remain steadfastly under wraps until my Patreon officially launches on June 1st.

A number of you have already arrived at the Twitter portion of proceedings, and will be treated to the ‘Beta’ version of what will pass for daily curated content on Social media going forward. That will include content permed from the literary and scientific communities, with my own observations and comments intermingled. I’m not following anyone at present, but that will change once everything goes live.


There will be other portals too, but for now we’re just going to stick with one thing at a time before it all gets incredibly confusing and I combust in a brain-fuelled implosion. Needless to say, if you want to know what’s happening and you want to get the low down on things before they happen live here, following the Twitter account is a good first start. I’ve intentionally divorced all of this from my main account for a good reason, which will become clear as time goes on.

I’m incredibly excited for what IW will mean going forward, and I hope you’ll be joining me on the journey.

Written by Internet of Words

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