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This is probably the hardest set of poems I’ve produced since I began with the daily workload. It also made me cry, after a week of arguing this household needs to radically reduce its carbon footprint and not make it any larger. I’ve paid cash to Friends of the Earth since my teens, and it will never be enough to save the Planet properly. Ecology matters, and the pictures on which this prompt was based are truly remarkable.

Thank you Brandy, yet again, for making me work hard.

Gorillas in the Wild

Nature’s brilliance:
Gorilla caught in
Photographer’s lens;
Pure simplicity.

We are both the same:
Primates, separate
Branches: dividing
Intertwined wonder.

What is lost to time:
Our innocence stripped,
Yours simply brighter:
Marvel captured whole.

So much to be learnt
Observing wisdom
Taking vital breath
Rethink perception.

Species together,
A planet stronger.
Both evolving, to
Live jointly in peace.


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