I’ve been struggling to keep up with the goals set for writing here. I know why this is, and if all goes well today will be the last time I have to retroactively post to make sure things are effectively up to date. Of course, it will help that as of Thursday I’m being forced to take a long weekend away, because that makes me have to decamp to the basics of writing, surviving with only limited internet access. Many other people are beginning to grasp the dangers of an ‘always on’ virtual world: for me it is the distraction away from much needed focus. My saving grace, finally, is learning the Joy of Scheduling.


My plan going forward is to write as much as possible and then forget about it, allowing scheduling to create the impression I’m always here. That works particularly well with poetry, but not with the more organic work I’m doing. Therefore, it is time to see how much I can produce ahead of requirement and make it look as if it is ‘fresh’, even when that’s not the case. What is required, at this point in time, is a stock of posts that are generic enough to work as ‘filler’ but still at the same quality I’d produce if ‘live.’ Then, I can simply introduce them when I’m either pushed for time or just don’t have the desire to write.

This is, on reflection, not the kind of stuff one should be admitting out loud, but that’s exactly how all other branches of writing work. It is not all done on the day, a phenomenal amount of content is recycled and it is why I used to earn extra cash by writing copy for websites. There’s a massive business in producing for other people, but I couldn’t stand doing it because there was a resentment at being paid a pittance to produce things I didn’t care about. In the end, looking at how little money would be exchanged for often thousands of words, it is simply easier to write my own content for nothing with the satisfaction that everything is my own.


Having this work also act as a therapeutic means of dealing with daily pressure has become the unexpected bonus. Poetry especially is less and less about struggling to find subject matter or appropriate construction. Non fiction posts are less cluttered and structure has become as important as content. What this says to me is that this process, when imposed as habit, really can produce consistent and increasingly satisfying results. I’m calmer, more relaxed and generally happier: some of that is exercise related, but a lot comes from the freedom I now have to write about everything and anything.

Once upon a time, I would have felt apprehension at being so far behind myself but now, with a well-constructed list and a decent glob of determination, anything is possible. I’ll be looking at my IoW goals and objectives at the end of September to see what I can improve going forward, with a sense that will mean more original work and not less. Right now, I truly think anything could be possible with enough thought and planning.

Let’s see.