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With every week of archiving comes an increase in both satisfaction and enjoyment: these two latest creations are no different: let’s be honest, both sets of poems pretty much wrote themselves. The plan in September is to present a poll via Twitter for people to vote on a choice of prompt a week before it is due, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of working to another person’s prompt.

The future is on my mind a lot: not simply in a science fiction stylee, either. Current concern over increases in Global warming make for a fertile pile of potential topics to rifle through: both written in one sitting with what is now a prerequisite morning edit, and having had trouble doing that with next week’s sequence, it is becoming apparent that the advance option really is the better bet. If anything, it then gives me more chance to work on other projects during the week.

Without further ado, let’s get to it:

Future Switch :: Haiku Edition

Standing at crossroads:
So much now depends on science,
A future, switched on.

To trust those who know
Our Universe’s secrets,
Dictating this path.

Minds that are afraid,
Caught in a moment of small
Distrust, disbelief.

Thoughts must now open:
Ignore naysayers: embrace
Earth’s complex options.

The threat to life, more
Dangerous than inertia:
Promise better, now.

Future Switch :: Micropoetry Edition

Infinite possibility,
Stars as new homes.
Unbounded capability,
Shiny and chrome.

Looking ever forwards, future
Not yet advised:
Grasping limitless potential
Knowledge the prize.

Progress switched to overdrive, time
To take a stand
Expectation at its highest
Foretold, then planned.

Everybody has the chance to
Make ideas work;
Pull those heads out of the sand, soon:
Don’t be a jerk.

Think: focus on our goal ahead
Build better days;
Transform the planet’s future in
So many ways.


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