Here’s the first of the two outstanding sets of poems from Twitter that I’ve missed during the holiday period. We’ll be back to full commentary and regular scheduled posting starting on Monday.

Haiku Edition

Days will shorten now:
Begins the change; heralding
Autumnal beauty.

Summer’s reach shrinking:
Departs the stage: cue Harvest
Mellow fruitfulness.

Fragrant, burning leaves,
Fireworks blossom, bloom brightly.
Winter darkness, soon.

Before nights expand:
Take time to watch, reddish hues
Transform tree and bush.

Each day passes: unchanging
Life continues still.

Micropoetry Edition

My favourite time:
Ever shrinking days,
Indian Summer
Last warmth drifts away.

Autumn brings sharp change
The crispness of Fall:
Snuggle together,
In blanket or shawl.

Remind, if needed
The seasons move on:
Brightness at an end,
Warm evenings are gone.

My birthday arrives:
Another year passed.
Keep moving forwards;
Determined, steadfast.

The coming of change
As it does each year,
Redefine outlook
Objectives are clear.

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