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Here’s the second of two outstanding sets of poems from Twitter that I’ve missed during the holiday period. We’ll be back to full commentary and regular scheduled posting starting on Monday.

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark :: Haiku Edition

Fledgling, brave new world:
Science as everyone’s future,
But can we trust it?

Headway everything
To a point: what happens if
Wisdom runs amok?

When does great progress
Devolve: insidious fear
Overtake reason?

If we allow doubt
Ingress: chaos may swallow
All hard earned efforts.

Embrace the darkness:
No need to cower: unknowns
Become planned, hopeful.

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark :: Micropoetry Edition

Tick tock, now watch out,
The future’s about
A second away:
Each, every day.

No worries found here,
The path’s very clear:
Make a better life,
No trouble or strife.

You don’t need a brain
There’s nothing to gain:
Just try to be good
In your neighbourhood.

Help all, fellow man
As much as you can:
Learn new, better ways
To fill up the days.

Then when all is done
Think on what’s begun:
The future, defined
For all of Mankind.

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