This Month's Content

I’ve been back from Holiday for a few days, but I’m yet to get myself back to full capacity, and thought you guys deserved an update on what you can expect as we return to ‘normal’ working. There’s now two loads of Haiku/Micropoetry due to be brought over and published from Twitter, and that will fill up slots for Tuesday and Thursday of this week (you can expect to see them live at some point on Saturday.) Then, we’ll go back to a revised schedule of content on Monday, which I’ll post up on Sunday evening.

Mostly, I wanted to point out that a) I’m still here (but RL has priority in the short term) and b) I’ve got some new and interesting things planned going forward. Until then, here’s a GIF of what ladies exercise equipment looked like in the 1950’s to distract you from this blatant lack of actual anything.