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I’ve come to an important conclusion after last week’s poetry: I’m not producing content  ‘live’ any more. Once upon a time it would be possible, but now I think there’s more merit to editing beforehand. I suppose this is a logical progression in writing skill, that desire to manufacture a better standard is greater than simply doing the work. As a result these two pieces are far more uneven than I’d like.

As each week goes by I’m reassessing how I take prompts too, and have introduced an interactive element to the process that will continue during the Autumn. If you’d like to offer some inspiration, please follow me on Twitter @InternetofWords and look out for the prompt Tweet next Friday. For now, here’s the final (and in the case of the micropoetry) complete offerings. I’ll see you bright and early on Social media tomorrow where the whole process will begin again.

Go Home! :: Haiku Edition

Yes, I’ve had enough
Of your stupidity: take
These things and leave now.

We tried together
Negotiations failing:
An impasse is reached.

Moment has arrived
There is no other way, our
Lives will now diverge.

As we say goodbye
Time will recall: it was here
The truth blamed us both.

This home broken by
Joint inability: lost
In sadness and pain.

Go Home! :: Micropoetry Edition

No-one here asked for drama
And it’s making us sick,
Nothing good comes from anger
Please say this is a trick.

It would be easier to
Walk away and pretend
Relationship is over
No fences left to mend.

Now’s the time to draw a line
Ending the affair:
Positives can still remain,
Allowing us to care.

Bags are packed with boxes taped
Lives decanted down,
Books divided, CD’s split
No longer time to frown.

This is how our story ends
Lessons will be learnt:
Don’t look back, and move ahead
Bridges being burnt.

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