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September’s featured text is ‘Freakonomics’ by
Steven D. Levitt and & Stephen J. Dubner

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Each month, the Internet of Words presents a selection of content: fiction, essays, poetry and non-fiction, inspired and directly influenced by our Book of the Month.

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6th September

When Steven Met Stephen: One was a Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, the other an award winning journalist and media personality. After the latter was asked to write a profile of the former in the summer of 2003, the phenomena of Freakonomics was born…

13th September

The Hidden side of Everything: You don’t need a degree to understand the interconnected nature of the Universe, but what is required is a means to unpick conventional thinking and grasp the bigger picture. Freakonomics demands its readers reconsider everything they know in order to redefine the World around them…

20th September

Why Numbers are Scary, and Other Stories: I’ve lived with an economist for thirty years and his understanding of the World has become a vital part of my life, even though I’m a self-confessed number hater. We grasp why maths does matter, and how we should all use it to better understand our existence….

27th September

Roll Six to Start: How much of gambling is luck, and how much luck can one man create when his entire existence is on the line?

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