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I’m a little late with this repost this week, for which I apologise, but it does finally mean the wheels of back-site organisation are working as intended. This will be the final spot from now on for the Twitter site’s Haiku and Micropoetry, and I’ll be attempting to write on a public prompt/own inspiration/public prompt basis from now on. This idea came from my good writing buddy @erynies on Twitter, and is based on this song:

This song is now on a playlist: it made for pretty decent poetry, and has served as a reminder of how useful other people’s words can be to inspire your own.

I hope you enjoy these works as a result.

The Phoenix :: Haiku Edition

The World goes to Hell:
Don’t let it kill you: rise up
Phoenix from ashes.

Set fire to the sky;
Become their inspiration
For a thousand songs.

Listen to this beat,
So many hearts: each one rings
As strident as yours.

Remix possible:
No more vintage misery,
Present victory.

Our joint battle cry,
There is still time: fight with me
Make sure day is ours.

The Phoenix :: Micropoetry Edition

When chaos reigns
You’re soaked right through
There is but one
Thing left to do:

Just reinvent
A thousand times
Existence new
In songs and rhymes.

The earth will burn
And from it rise
Your answers sought
For wiser eyes.

Now fly above
On Phoenix wings,
To reap rewards
That freedom brings.

Born again, life
Redefined: so
Take my hand
Away we go.


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