We began October with a reminder of what it is that drives most people this month: the event at its end. I’ll be honest, Halloween’s never been a great big deal for me. I am not a huge horror movie fan. Sure, I enjoyed Buffy and Charmed, but that is the extent of my interest in the Supernatural. I’m not sure what I’d do as a costume, either: probably a gaming or film character. Watching people get all excited over spoopy stuff is a largely toothless experience.

However, there’s enough of an understanding to give a poetic backdrop. Enjoy.


As evenings darken
A single cry, hearken:
Welcome time of the year
To spookiness and fear.

Time to buy ripe pumpkins
Stock up on piles of treats
Ready for the children
When they come down your street.

Crisp, sharp chill in the air,
Smell of fresh burning leaves:
It isn’t long now till
Start of All Hallows’ Eve.

Are you ready for scares
To be frightened to death
Then see it’s deception
Laughing in the same breath.

So, prepare yourselves to
Enjoy this Halloween
Time of year where darkness
Is the place to be seen.

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