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I decided to go all stream of consciousness on your arses this month. Clearly, I’m saving all the best words, the biggest words and the strongest words for the novel, because YOU KNOW THAT’S THE POINT. This morning there was unexpectedly satisfying yoga pre-session, which amazingly helped with the formation of the opening salvo of action. I have my plot laid out: the major protagonists are already placed, their lives are drawn with more accuracy than has normally been the case.

I’m trying to imagine what everything would look like if this was a movie. I write my best work when it is clear and precise in my head, and in that regard, the opening feels the strongest of any I’ve written. Hopefully, there is enough mystery to keep potential readers engaged, without the need for further exposition. The main thrust of the action takes place in East London, which was where I spent a lot of very happy times as a child and where one of my best friends still lives. It’s a rich backdrop that works well with the incongruity of my real stage.


This is a story which, from page one, asks you to accept a completely different worldview than the norm: in that regard, messing with your head is one of the best things to do with words. I will completely screw you up, readers. It gives me an intoxicating sense of control that would never be possible in this bland, uninteresting reality. This is also a disaster story… homage to all those brilliant movies where you know what’s going to happen… except who survives to the end.

The plan each day is to keep going until I a) run out of time or b) get bored, because that never makes for good content. I’m certainly not sticking to a strict daily count either. If the urge takes me, away I’ll go.

This is the best start to the month I’ve ever had.


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