Nanowrimo 2017

Today was an unexpected day with company, as my daughter was given a day off school. That gave me a chance to play some games, relax a bit into the writing and sort out some outstanding gubbins. Mostly, the major task was prepping protagonists to meet for the first time. I almost got to the start of the chapter where that happens, but fatigue has told me it is time to stop.

Word Count at present is 7283, which is maintaining the over 2k a day. I’m planning to be at 50k by the start of week four so I can do the extra I need. I’m looking at 60k for the finish line. If I can keep this up, it is totally doable, but that will depend on me being disciplined and making time every day. Assuming nothing untoward happens with the rest of my scheduling, it is totally in the bag.

I’ll spend some time tomorrow to give you a better idea of exactly what this story is all about. For now, time for some much-needed shut-eye

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