Things have been quite quiet on the prose front in November, mostly because I’m running a separate Haiku project on my personal Twitter. However, a daily poem remains on the IoW feed, with weekends off now to allow a bit more time for creativity to grow. I found writing every day was as exhausting as running or exercising, and giving myself a break is really beginning to show benefits. Here’s the first of four pieces of five separate sections, based on notable days in November.

The 1st of the month is All Saints Day for Catholics. Here are my thoughts on whether such celebrations matter in a modern context.

All Saints Day

This holy day,
All those whose love
Triumphed past hate.

That saints are made:
Better lives led.

This history
Reminder for
All those sinners.

To be finer:
Improve outlook
Become wiser.

This old order
Has long since passed
Religion used
To dictate life

For others, it
Remains a tool
For just such means.

This is unfair
A Universe
Full of knowledge
Is more than faith.

Then: human saints
Allow minds that

This is their gift:
Grasping faith is
Made by humans,
And thus our path.

Emotions give
Vital insight
To what we are.

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