I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the interest this poem generated when it was initially published. I’m also wanting more and more to experiment and push with Twitter’s increased character limit. I’ll be taking a week off the poetry next week as a result to try and come up with some new ideas to stretch the format.

Enjoy this sequence.


To start again, new life
Devolved from fear and strife.
They left their homes to sail
Across an ocean pale:
This destination seen
Brighter than homes had been.
A chance to start anew
True freedom to pursue.

Thanksgiving comes around:
Remember those who found
That new land as their home,
No longer need to roam.
Freedom came at a price,
Forgetting sound advice
Ignoring those who made
Those early deals with trade.

Destroying native lands
With blood upon their hands
A thoughtlessness inept,
History must accept.
Beginning here the seed
Progress should not impede
To live together whole
No one group in control.

The time has come to stop
This introverted crop:
Rude people who believe
Removal will achieve,
A somehow better place
Selected human race;
Only those who will fit
Their land of of hypocrites.

To give true thanks is great
But only if your hate
Of those who aren’t like you:
Is cast aside, untrue.
Make this the time to change
Priorities arranged,
To see the World as one
Family, we become.

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