There is no easy way to do this, I realise, so it is just going to happen.

Once upon a time I’d pick a WordPress theme on how it looked. However, now I realise there’s a lot of functionality required that a) I don’t have the time to mess with and b) needs to be inbuilt into my preloaded experience. Therefore, starting today, the look of the site may change on an hour by hour basis, depending on how I feel and what I can find time to do.

The plan is to play with various themes and find something that suits my purpose, before designing new graphics around it. If I were a smart or clever individual I’d have ‘under development’ signs everywhere but no, there is neither the need or desire to stick that amount of effort into process at this stage. When I find the right layout, we’ll stick.

Time for a good old-fashioned faff.

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