This week’s poetry marks the start of a concerted effort to archive on a Friday, in future in the morning after the last part of the pieces are published. Once we get to January there will also be the occasional foray into haiku here, but it is increasingly likely they will be paired with visual imagery on other platforms, because… well, little poems are easier to make. These guys take more time, and therefore seem to deserve a more permanent archive.

This is the first of four week’s worth of very personal seasonal asides, on subjects that are close to my heart. I find the Season quite difficult as it undoubtedly involves large gatherings of people, many I won’t know. That anxiety, when it manifests, needs to be channelled somewhere and in this poem I explain how that works for me.

All is Calm


A space is found
Away from noise:
I’ve gone to ground
Chance to enjoy,

Brief moment’s peace
From Christmas Day;
Tension release
Feelings away.

When all is calm
Inside my head,
Soul safe from harm
Release of dread:

There’s nothing here
I cannot do;
My path is clear
To journey through.

That vital need
Remaining bright;
A growing seed
In darkest night.

The means by which
To remain sane,
Persistent itch:
Ideas remain.

Mind on the shelf
From tyranny;
Abandoned self
Can now be free.

And at the end
Of perfect day,
These thoughts I send
To light the way.

I sit alone
And am at one:
In my own home
Relax, begun.

When all is calm
Inside my soul,
I’m safe from harm
Finally whole.

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