Having made the decision yesterday to call time on Patreon, I am left with an inevitable void. The first plan of action is to make sure that this site remains regularly up-kept, which was a problem back when I’d be chasing myself for content. Today therefore we’ll fill those gaps from last week (which serve to indicate how everything slowly went south) before spending this week weeding out all the good features I played with and the other gubbins that can be thrown away. I’m no longer afraid of admitting I screwed ideas up. You have to try lots of stuff to find out what works and doesn’t, after all.


What has been a resounding success is the Twitter Poetry: I’m particularly proud of the Daily Haiku, which when married with GIF imagery becomes a brilliant way of entertaining. Therefore, that will stay (and I’ll make them all into a Moment on Twitter at the end of December) and will become a bi-monthly affair. I also really enjoy doing the graphics for all these little interludes, so there’ll be more of that too, on reflection. The plan in 2018 will be to extend them to Instagram, add more self-generated art to the process, and make these a true extension of my personality.


After that, the short stories have been unexpectedly popular and this is definitely something I could do, having serialised Fanfic here. There was an abortive attempt to do the same with my own fiction but the problem was not having a finished product from which to work with. Therefore, once the current novel’s complete, I’ll start work on re-imagining an existing work for serialisation. There is also a plan to start producing some fiction inspired by my favourite computer game. You’ll want to watch this space for more details.

WiP Day

I am cautiously optimistic that once I streamline this site, things will get a lot simpler to both post and archive. There’s enough content to keep everything ticking over nicely, and still allow me a life in between. All in all, I’d say things are looking up.

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